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Fall Bootcamp 8 Weeks starting Tuesday September 4th

Join us for our Fall Bootcamp!

Not only will you gain strength , you will gain confidence in yourself as you become stronger and more fit. You will find yourself doing more then you thought you ever could ! You will find a community of like minded people with some of the same goals, you will find accountability and mostly you will find your having fun doing it!

Don’t be intimidated to try new things, remember we all have to start somewhere. You’ll never know how great you can become until you start trying!

8 week Bootcamp cost is $100 and includes all classes on the schedule during the camp. This helps you to meet your fitness goals and try our other workouts! Also included will be body assessments , nutritional guidance and suggestions to help you attain your goals.

Please be registered before the first class so we have a count and can get all assessments done so we can focus on the workouts!

Bootcamp time options:

Tuesday & Thursday 5am
starts Sept 4th

Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm
Starts Sept 5th

*New time option but must have 5 in attendance ( we have 3 now)

*Monday & Wednesday 6:00 am
Starts Sept 5th

Posted on 08/27/2018