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The Murph Challenge Monday May 27th Memorial day 2019

Join us on Monday May 27th at 9:00am (8:30am for competitors) for a workout in honor of those who have bravely given their lives and those who courageously continue to fight for our freedom! The Murph Challenge !

We are a official host site so please think about signing up up at to donate and see where you stand with other competition across the country! Or you are welcome to just come in and workout with us in honor of these brave men and women!

Bring your friends and let’s enjoy this challenging workout!
The workout will be broken down for all levels of fitness as follows:

For Time :
1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run
* wearing a weighted back pack

Added options:
There will be modifications for any of these options as needed

1/2 mile run (800meters)
50 pull ups
100 push ups
150 squats
1/2 mile run


400 meter run
25 pull ups
50 push ups
75 squats
400 meter run

Posted on 05/18/2019