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Summer 8 week Bootcamp Density Training

Get ready! We are bringing you our Pre-Summer 8 week Bootcamp “Density Training“.

Density refers to the amount of work you do within a given time.

Density training helps your fitness level in a number of ways…

Burning calories. When you start training faster and resting less, you will start to burn fat and calories. This will make you leaner and stronger all at the same time.

Gaining muscle structure. As you start doing more, your muscles are going to respond. They will build up faster and add to your lean appearance.

Enhance your workout capacity. Adding more exercises in a shorter amount of time will build your endurance. This will make it possible to do even more in the same amount of training time.

Starting in May 7th thru June 28th!

Day options are :

Tuesday / Thursday 5am


Monday/ Wednesday 6:30pm

Cost: $100 Bootcamp only
$120 Bootcamp plus *
( *all additional classes offered on our schedule)

Get signed up at the gym

Must be registered and paid prior to the start of camp.

Posted on 04/24/2018